A Lotus in the Water

If your spirit is able to float despite the uncertainties, the naysayers and the challenges - that is Success. If you're able to stay loyal to yourself - that is Success. If you're able to bloom in silence - that is Success.  


Success is rising up to meet who you are. When you are being pulled to grow in a certain direction, to go beyond your comfort zone, when you take that opportunity and are able to evolve on another level - that is Success.

Our Holy Adventure

We reach only the top of the mountains we choose to climb on. Hence, we don't succeed in the same way, at the same time. Hence, not everyone appreciates the same view.

Pace Yourself

If you're too fast too soon there's a high chance that you'll get tired fast, too, and that you won't be able to maintain a pace that can last you a long while. On the other hand, if you warm yourself up first, get your focus right and allow yourself to reach your natural optimal …

Our Personal Best

I like this concept in sports of recording and celebrating one's personal best/personal record. I think we should adapt this to our everyday lives as well. Modern societies are structured in such a way that there will always be comparisons and competitions. The rewards can be both tempting and fulfilling. But this has its own …

Cheers to an Open Secret

When somebody gets credit for something exceptional, we're all wowed and we couldn't believe how they could achieve something so well despite their apparent humanity. What we don't see are the innumerable hours they've spent practicing - and failing. Failing hard. Failing and taking the real blows. The rest of us only witness the glorious …