Living with Chronic Pain

Sometimes our pain isn't meant to heal immediately. Sometimes we are called to live with it instead, and in the process receive the gift of the lessons it brings. Sometimes the only way to unlock them is true, unwavering acceptance.

Solitude, Annihilation

We get desensitized with so many stimuli. Day-in, day-out we are flooded with information on what to look at, listen to, smell, eat, buy, think, choose, say, create, pursue, change - etcetera. We are bombarded even if we are half-listening, half-watching, half-awake. In fact, we are almost always half-awake - because we never really fully …

Only Through Wholeness

Horrors will live through until we have faced and fully integrated our shadows as a society. Heaven will always be something out of reach as long as we continue to condemn parts of ourselves, instead of looking at them - looking to understand and never abandon again.  

The thing that we are Withholding from others is the very thing that we need

I. Seeing Ourselves in Others Each of us has been walking through life carrying some open wounds, more often than not we are not aware of it. Usually we are even more perceptive of each other's bleeding than our own. This is how mirroring helps us to be more aware of ourselves. This is why …