Come Out

Come out in all the ways you're hiding. Accept the gift of being who you are. Your incarnation into your form is a gift from Spirit. You are the first to be blessed by being You. No one else in Creation is like you - not in the past, not in the present, not in …

Give back. Show up.

The best way to show gratitude is to be come who you really are. To show up fully. You owe it to all those who have paved the way for you. You owe it to the ones coming after you.

What I have learned about the process of Manifestation

Manifestation is the externalization of our own process of mastering our power as co-creators. The attainment of goals and the creation of objects, relationships, events are definitely important with regards to the evolution of life. However, there is something more important than all these material outcomes - Us. How we grow as souls is the …

On Renewals

Be thankful when you feel the need to leave something or someone. Be thankful when a situation has ended for you, someone has left you, a door has closed on you. Be thankful that the Universe has a way of regularly renewing your life to keep it fresh and alive.