Why we need to Ask

During my Tarot reading/meditation this morning, I asked my cards about the next "manifestation project" that I've been nurturing into fruition lately. I was given the Emperor card. This is what he told me: I couldn't give you want you want because I don't know what you want. You see, there are many things I …

Putting our Guard down

Making fun of ourselves can also be a source of strength. We are hurting ourselves the most by being chronically defensive. Have the sensibility to determine which is important. Let the petty things go.

Why I Meditate

I was inspired to write a piece about the benefits of meditation after the conversation I had with my partner this morning. I have been doing meditations for almost a year now; not every day but I do it many times a week. Aside from that, I have been spending most of my time alone …

On Renewals

Be thankful when you feel the need to leave something or someone. Be thankful when a situation has ended for you, someone has left you, a door has closed on you. Be thankful that the Universe has a way of regularly renewing your life to keep it fresh and alive.