The Importance of Questioning our Questions

Questions are portals. They lead us somewhere. Questions can reaffirm our abundance or our perceptions of lack. They can amplify our being or our projections. We have to be more conscious of where we prefer to go before we can pick the questions that can take us there.

A Fork in the Road

On one hand, all options are equally good, because they all lead us toward the light. They all pave the way for further growth. On the other hand, there is only one "genuine" option "at a time", the rest is just background noise. It's usually only a matter of choosing between the old and the …

Follow the Trail

When you resonate with something - a phrase someone said, a line in a book, good food, soulful music, the color of the sky, a child's laughter, the way your pet looks deeply into your eyes, the scent of the person you love, the way sunlight falls on your feet - anything that touches you, …

You are your Star

When you feel pulled into a certain path, know that NO ONE is asking you to choose an option in particular - not the Universe/God/Your Higher Self. No, you don't have to accept that job offer, marry that person, move to that place, pursue that goal, forgive, or transform yourself in any way. Know that …


I don't want to be "full", I still want some room to grow and need. But I don't want to feel "lacking", either. I guess, I want to be "true". I know "true" would be just right.


You are where you're supposed to be, you are at the right place simply because you're open - you're asking, you are fully aware. You are paying attention. Only when you're in this place, can the Universe communicate with you. The signs are all around you. You are the sign.