Intuitive Reading

What I can offer you as an intuitive reader:

1. I can help you gain a wider perspective regarding your journey and the specific issues you’re concerned with, especially if you’re feeling stuck. I can read how energies are shifting in your situation and the key elements that need more attention.

2. I can channel insights and messages that can provide you with comfort and healing. Words have this power. Words create and uncreate worlds. Sometimes all we need is a short phrase to feel we’re supported or an affirmation of what we already know.

3. I can help you gain clarity on how you can move forward. We can take a look at the options that are available for you and the things you need to consider in making choices that serve your highest good and the highest good of all.

*Learn more about me here to see if I’m the right reader for you.

Current Offering:

This reading aims to provide not only clarity about your path, but also more appreciation for the life you’re co-creating.

Questions include the following:

  1. What do you need to know about your path right now?
  2. What seeks your attention right now/What truths need to be addressed?
  3. What are you being guided to do next/
    Where are you being called to journey to?
  4. What significant step can you take to progress on your path?
  5. What energy can you embody/What choice can you make to feel more at ease with your journey and have more appreciation for your life?

You may tell me which area of your life you’d like to look at (only if there is anything specific on your mind). I can relate the general reading to your area of concern. You may also let me know if you have a specific question in mind.

Format: Written | PDF sent via email
Payment Options: BDO / GCash

Full payment is required beforehand.
Follow-up questions are not included.
Turn-around time varies.

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*Services are only offered in the Philippines.
*Medical and legal issues are not covered.

Important clarifications about intuitive readings:

– These readings are not meant to replace professional advice. We deserve to seek all kinds of support that we require.

– Intuitive readings are not meant to predict the future. They aim to provide additional insights by tapping into energies. It’s up to us how we choose to receive them. We are autonomous beings. We have the power and the responsibility to make our own choices.

– We are given the answers we need, not necessarily the answers we want.

– Some readings need a deeper reflection on our end to be fully understood. We must give ourselves time.

– Energies are not set in stone. Energies shift all the time. Hence, ours paths may twist and turn at any point. We are called to stay open.