Life Path Reading & Guidance

You, the traveler, are the light to your path.

The point is not to go the distance. Your power lies in the here and now. The point is to find wholeness and fulfillment where you are, to reconnect with your heart .

We don’t travel towards the new by moving away from where we are. No, we go back to the here and now. We go deep. We go deeper. We flow from here.

Sometimes, all we need is clarity, that sense of “just getting it” – something clicks and the fog disappears. We understand what we are going through, what our path is teaching us and what we are guided to do next. We notice our direct line with Source, with All That Is – it’s still there and always has been.

I utilize my skills and experience to offer readings (insights) and guidance (actionable steps) for my fellow travelers regarding their unique life paths.

My intention is for you to gain not just more awareness, but also more appreciation for who you are, for the life you are co-creating and all the elements that are shaping it, including those you perceive as obstacles.

I am an energy reader, primarily claircognizant. My approach includes direct insight, automatic writing, dreamwork and divination tools like crystals and Tarot/oracle cards. Likewise, I draw largely on the wisdom I gain from my own life path.

Wisdom of the Oracle Deck

I’ve been reading Tarot/oracle cards for 13 years. It has been a huge tool for me in developing my intuitive abilities, connecting with my inner guide and navigating my path with more confidence.

This is what I offer, primarily, since it provides an expansive view of one’s life. Click the button for more information.

Once we’re done with the primary reading, you may request for follow-ups if you’d like to look further into any specific situation. Click the button for more information.