Life Path Reading & Guidance Details

Life Path Reading & Guidance (Php 2,500)

This includes the following:

1. Insights about yourself – your patterns, your energy – anything you need to be more aware of, parts of you that are seeking to be healed, relevant information that could help you move forward in your path.

2. An overview of your life as you move through it. We are gonna look at general past, present and future energies that are relevant for you at the time of the reading, to give you a better understanding and more appreciation of how your life is shaping up.

3. A look at the current energies of each area of your life and the guidance by which you could navigate them:

  • Spiritual Growth/Personal Development
  • Career/Business/Creativity & Finance
  • Relationships

You may provide me with particular issues/questions that you’d like discuss. I will include them in the reading.


  • All readings are in written format (PDF sent via email).
  • They are delivered within five days after full payment.
  • Rates are indicated below.
  • Payment details are sent upon request.

Send your inquiries and reading requests here or email me at

*Services are only offered in the Philippines.
*Medical and legal readings are not offered.
*Readings are meant to provide clarity and healing. It’s up to us how we choose to receive them. We have the power and the responsibility to make our own choices.