Follow-Up Readings

Follow-Up Readings (Php 1,000 each)

You may also request additional readings if you’d like to look further into any specific situation.

A. Spiritual Growth/Personal Development


We can discuss the details of any major life changes here, especially if you are reflecting on making a particular choice or shift.

B. Career/Business/Creativity & Finance

bulb (1)

We can explore your options regarding this area or look at finding your way through a particular issue.

C. Relationships

rel (1)

You may choose what kind of relationship you’d like to inquire about. This is not limited to romance.

We may also look at your options in a particular relationship situation.

D. Other Topics


If what you have in mind isn’t classified under any of the above, feel free to let me know. We can arrange for something that is more suitable to your needs and preferences.


  • All readings are in written format (PDF sent via email).
  • They are delivered within five days after full payment.
  • Rates are indicated below.
  • Payment details are sent upon request.

Send your inquiries and reading requests here or email me at

*Services are only offered in the Philippines.
*Medical and legal readings are not offered.
*Readings are meant to provide clarity and healing. It’s up to us how we choose to receive them. We have the power and the responsibility to make our own choices.