About Your Life Path

Each individual path is like a stream that comes from and flows back to the cosmic collective river.

We are waves in the ocean.

You are never separate from the Whole. As the collective transforms, so will you. As the collective rises and falls, so will you. As the collective basks in Divine light, so will you.

Your path is talking to you all the time. Source seeks communion with you through your soul – your purest essence that goes beyond your human form. It is in every inbreath and outbreath that you take, in each and every step that you make.

It expands and contracts with the beating of your heart. It comes alive in your deepest desires. 

Your path is not something to be hammered, twisted or cracked open to flow. It is the flow.

Your path is calling out to you. It wants to collaborate with you. It wants to take you to all the highs, the lows and the in-betweens – wherever you want to go. It wants to have fun with you, to grow with you – to blow your mind in awe. It wants you to experience yourself in your fullness, in your vastness.

You are never alone. Your path is always there for you like a light bridge, a magical flow. In darkness and in light, it comes to you, it comes through you.

Are you open to collaborate? Are you will to be led?

It nudges you to look up, to look within, to glance at a certain direction. It draws your attention towards a manifestation – a familiar face, movement, visions, emotions rising up. It’s always asking you, “What about this? What about that?” It rarely explains why it does what it does. If you’re ready for the answer, you’ll know. If you’re not, then it doesn’t matter.

It blows inspiration through you like bubbles – non-stop. It appears in front of you, suddenly, like a toddler with a new idea of play. It grabs you by the hand, running and beaming with joy, “There’s something I want to show you, you’ll love it!”

It’s always asking for more. It wants to become more. It may be an inch more, a mile more or an infinite-number-of-universes more.

It comes to you, unfailingly, with an open heart, offering you all kinds of fun and support – you don’t even have to ask. It’s always already at your door, beaming as usual. Most of the time, though, you fail to notice. You look through it.

Your path never sees faults in you, only pauses, moments when you’re absent, when your focus is somewhere else other than the present. When you’re down or checked-out, when you don’t feel like playing, it wants to know why. It seeks to find ways on how to get you going again. It holds a space for you when you’re mourning. It comforts your heart when you’re healing. It looks after you no matter how long it takes. It never goes down with you, and yet it rises up when you rise up, when you show up again as yourself. It rejoices in your breakthroughs, in your new beginnings.

It rolls with you in your transformations. It’s thrilled to not know who you are going to be next, and yet it never forgets who you truly are.

First and foremost, by staying present.

Stay in the here and now. Your power lies in the present. All that you need will come to you in the present. You have once experienced the past in the present and you will experience the future in the present. Everything flows from it.

Stop asking what you are gonna do next to move forward. Start asking what you got to STOP doing so you can be fully where you are.

Second, by paying attention.

Pay attention to how you feel. Pay attention to what you notice. Pay attention to what you keep on doing. Pay attention to what shows up in your life.

Contemplation is paying attention. Gratitude is paying attention. Staying present is paying attention.

Third, by allowing yourself to receive.

Allow all aspects of yourself to show up. Don’t censor your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires. They are the vehicle by which your path communicates with you. Avoid judging situations and people. Your path speaks to you through them as well.

Open yourself to receive all of life’s offerings.

Fourth, by trusting yourself.

You cannot find your answers outside of yourself. The signs are only revealed to you because the guidance is for you. Each comes at the right time. Don’t cross-check them with someone else, even with someone you trust.

Not trusting yourself is putting your guard up against all forms of contact. Not trusting yourself is shutting off your capacities of perceiving. It’s moving through the world blind – in all ways.

Fifth, by asking.

Ask questions, ask for guidance, ask for support. Ask. Your path doesn’t actually need you to ask first – it always knows what you desire and what you need.

Asking isn’t for your path’s sake, it’s for your own benefit. When you ask, you open up to receive.

Last, but not the least, by taking chances.

You make no mistakes in the eyes of your path. There are no guarantees, no fixed outcomes, there are no imposed timelines. All that is asked of you is to open up yourself a little bit more each time – to take a chance.

Follow the calling of your path. You are given all the chances you are willing to take.

We all have a vital role to play. We came for a purpose.

Our life path is about allowing all of us to show up so we can experience the fullness of our being.

We are the first ones to be graced by who we are.

This is our contribution to the world. This is how we make a change and expand consciousness. There are various ways we can do this – by being compassionate with ourselves, by meeting our needs, by pursuing our deepest desires, by using our talents and skills for our own joy and for the greater good, among others.

Finding our own way of showing up is a personal journey. Don’t miss your opportunity.

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