About Daena

I’m, Daena de Guzman – intuitive, poet and visual artist from the Philippines.

My mission is to ignite the light in others as I nurture mine, by guiding them along their life paths. We are, after all, walking each other home.

My own journey has led me to develop my intuitive and creative abilities. I spread light through my creative work and insights. For the past six years I’ve been regularly producing and sharing content about esoteric spiritual information and life skills in my blog. I have recently started offering intuitive readings. My approach includes direct knowing, energy reading, automatic writing, dreamwork and divination tools like crystals and Tarot/oracle cards.

I know it could be confusing and overwhelming at times. We realize that we can’t really follow the maps created by others because we have to create and follow ours if we are to lead fulfilling lives. Likewise, life is full of uncertainties. Most of us are unsure how to go about it. Like many, I have searched for answers everywhere. Yet my seeking has always led me back to myself.

You are the light to your path. The answers you seek are within you. You gain more clarity when you go back to the here and now. When you go deep. When you go deeper.

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Email: daenadeguzman@gmail.com
Personal Website/Creative Portfolio: thepinkroomph.com