You’re Born an Original, Don’t be a Copy!

To live a fulfilling life,
we must let go of the programming
to consume mass-produced options:

Mass-produced ideals
Mass-produced personas
Mass-produced interests
Mass-produced dreams

And remember instead
our innate capacity
to craft anything
according to our truths
and personal liking.

Consuming mass-produced realities 
can be convenient and validating.

But not only can it stunt our growth
by keeping us from becoming
the creator we truly are,
it can also keep us deeply unaware of
the infinite possibilities there are.

If one hasn’t developed the habit of
going within and exercising their imagination,
if one keeps their attention on what’s out there,
they will remain oblivious to the extent
of their options (infinite!).

They will continue to accept what they are
only being served.

If we choose to remain a consumer,
we will never be able to fulfill our destiny
of being a creator.

We will always be living
through someone else’s life.

We will always be a copy,
and never the original
we were born to be.

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