Knowing Infinity

It’s easy to feel immense when we’re floating as a spark of light, as pure energy. It’s natural to know we are a part of All That Is when we are fully conscious.

Things take an unprecedented turn when we choose to take a form. It is difficult, and at times, even seems impossible to feel our true power when our immensity is contained in a physical form like the human body, living in a dense place like earth. Not only do we feel cut off from our natural abilities, we also forget most of the truths we know about ourselves and reality.

No matter how tough it can get, it is through all these barriers that we get to know what freedom is. It is through all this weight that we get to know what it means to be light. It is through powerlessness that we realize our true power. It is through finiteness that we awaken to our infinity.

Dearest Beings of Light,

Whatever form you choose to take, whatever situation you choose to experience doesn’t make you less of who you are – nothing can make you less infinite.

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