Musings From Eternity

Another foggy breath,
I take another solitary walk
on a different route
this time.

The city lights are beaming
as usual, anonymous faces
parade as I pass by.

Loud are the posters on the wall
screaming party
but all I could hear
are sighs.

The words that you carry
are pointless,
whatever distant memory
of oneness
are washed away here.

Looking at the sky above –
deep abyss, a cold stare
they’re calling out to you
how could you not care?

You talk of promises
of coming back,
of coming back home

as you continue
shooting yourselves further
into the unknown.

You’re off
to some faraway shore,
their cries
still cloaked in silence
and the oneness that we once were

are just ghosts
trapped in the stratosphere
of shells
crashing on each other.

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