Lucid Dream in 3D

Last night’s lucid dream (I lucid dream a lot more lately) was particularly interesting to me as a “consciousness geek”. In that dream (which was actually just another reality where my multidimensional self existed) I was reflecting on my life. However, because I was in another dimension, the way I reflected was different – instead of journaling, meditating and visualizing I was actually materializing what I was reflecting upon.

This made me realize that indeed, our lives in different realities/dimensions are just the reflections or dreams of our Higher Self, also of Source – the ultimate Dreamer and Creator. The way to become the creator we truly are is to live as our Higher Self, to live as a part of All That Is. This is how we break free from all kinds of programming. This is how we lift ourselves from the density of low vibrational existence.

We don’t integrate our low vibrational existence by being in low vibration. We must learn how to tap into our higher vibrational selves to utilize this power.

In short, we have to teach ourselves how to “lucid dream” – in 3D.

How do you take your power back in this reality? How do you lucid dream in 3D?

1. Remember who you are. Remember why you’re here.

Taking your power back starts from knowing who you are.

I say “remember”, because as a creator, of course, you already know. Likewise, truth is personal. The insights are revealed within. Don’t look for them elsewhere. Don’t be so gullible to believe what ANYBODY tells you about who you are. Only YOU have that information. This goes both ways – “positive” and “negative” definitions of you, from the mundane to the “really wild”.

2. Consciously set your intention.

I am fond of asking myself these two questions: Who do I want to be today? What kind of reality do I want to co-create today?

It is best to be aware that we are co-creating each day, each moment because jumping far ahead into the future is just another way of falling into another kind of programming.

Our power lies in the “here and now” only. Because everything happens in the here and now. The past took place in the here and now. The future will take place in the here and now, too.

3. Consciously invite other co-creators to collaborate with you.

You can do this in many ways. You can “broadcast” a signal through a prayer, a mantra, visualization, or basically just “sending your frequency” out to be picked up by those who resonate with you.

You can also do this by stepping out in some way – expressing yourself in creative ways, sharing your work, reaching out to like-minded people, being more open to people you wouldn’t normally interact with, or generally being more open – receiving more of All That Is.

Those that truly reflect and affirm who you are will inevitably cross paths with you.

4. See through lies.

To maximize your power you have to regularly remove the clutter, too – the lies and everything that muddles the truth.

Seeing is not just about sight. Seeing is about your whole being. Tap into all your abilities to sense energy. Eliminate those that limit you from exercising these abilities.

5. Take inspired action in the here and now.

Programmings are mostly static, dense and closed off – it’s all about maintaining the status quo. Hence, the way we break free of them is by being more fluid, by being more open to change, by surrendering more to Spirit.

Co-create with like-spirited beings by being in The Flow. Be in sync with Source by being in The Flow. Inspiration only comes in the here and now where your power lies.

You can get yourself in tune by being centered in your heart, by receiving all the information from your whole being and allowing yourself to participate by taking inspired action. Inspired action isn’t about struggling or mentally agonizing on what you must do next – it’s about being ushered into the next moment, into a certain action, like a flower blooming in perfect synchronicity with All That Is.

There is no need to struggle when you’re in The Flow. Being in The Flow is a combination of your intentions and other co-creators’ intentions which are all in synchronicity for the highest good of all. You’re not just breaking free of the programming by being in The Flow, you are also co-creating something better, something greater.

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