You are the Greatest Love of Your Life

Who was there for you when you had nothing,
when you had no one?

Who offered you undivided attention,
unconditional love?

Who listened to your stories,
some of which were funny, some were sad
some sounded exactly like the others?

Who joined you in your crazy adventures,
who leaped into the fire with you
who never asked you for anything
but your company?

Who buried themselves in your pain
as you bury yourself deeper
in the pain of others?

Who carried you through your dreams?
Who breathed life into your hopes?
Who marched you through the darkness
when no one else is watching?

Who was there for you
when you had nothing to offer the world?

Who believed in you, always
sometimes silently, sometimes loudly
like the banging of a drum?

Who wiped away your tears, gently
when you knew it’s time to stand up
and rejoin the world?

Who raised your chin up?

Who saw you in your painful unbecomings
and your beautiful unfoldings?

Who was sent your way to be your lifetime partner?

I hope at this point you know who.

Source is hoping that at some point, in your seeking,
you’ll find out it’s you.

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