The Answers Lie in Our Transformation

Clarity is resonance.

We can seek and ask all we want, but if we are not on the same frequency as the answers, clarity will continue to elude us.

We could also keep getting the same kinds of answers if we keep ourselves at the “level” of awareness we’re in when we’ve asked the questions.

That’s why we feel stuck. We know there’s more. We know there’s a better explanation. Something that will satiate our soul. We know there’s a higher purpose for what we have in mind and yet we couldn’t seem to reach a breakthrough.

The answers lie in our transformation, in the evolution of our consciousness. We don’t need the answers to transform ourselves, we need to transform ourselves to receive the answers we seek.

The irony we eventually discover is that once we have transformed, the old questions disappear, having the answers becomes pointless. We are filled up with a new sense of knowing and power. We wonder, maybe that’s the point of seeking, after all.

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