Your Best Protection is You – Your Own Light

Energy vampires, whether non-physical or physical, don’t feed on your light. They feed on your shadow. They may be attracted by your light but what they need from you is your darkness, because that’s what they resonate with. They feed on darkness because they identify with it and also because they are seeking light, but they don’t believe they are capable of being their own provider, they feel cut off from Source. They feel separated from All That Is.

For instance, you may appear very confident and you probably are. However, energy vampires don’t feed on your confidence, they feed on your hidden fears. They don’t feed on your generosity, they feed on your feelings of lack and your tendency to people-please. They creep their way in to your energetic field. They make you doubt yourself. They drag you down. The presence of energy vampires is a sign that there are things you need to clear up.

Energy vampires force us to face our shadows, especially, when we are blinded by our light. This also means that as long as energy vampires exist there is still stuff that needs healing and integration in ourselves, in our personal lives, in our world.

Energy vampires could be found in our personal and collective lives. They could be a spouse, a parent, a child, a friend. They could also be political and religious leaders, teachers, celebrities. They could be disembodied entities. There are many “levels” of “vampirism” as there are many “levels” of consciousness. Anybody could be a vampire to a certain degree based on the depth of one’s Unconsciousness.

As an empath, for a long time, I thought that setting healthy boundaries meant putting walls up. Eventually, I understood that awareness results to self-love and self-love results to happiness and happiness is the best way to set boundaries.

We only get manipulated or drained when we abandon ourselves. When we check out in life. When we are unhappy. When we are ashamed. When we outsource our power. When we put our well-being, our happiness, our truths on the hands of somebody or something else.

Darkness cannot exist where there is light. Make healing your utmost priority. Fill your cup with your soul – your infinite essence as pure light. BE SO FULL OF YOURSELF. DARE TO BE SO UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING AND HAPPY – that nothing else can occupy your cup. That nobody else can take your place.

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