Personal and Collective Shadow Work

Time and time again we are asked to use our empathy to go deeper into our individual shadows and the shadows of the collective.

We must dare to go especially where we have cut ourselves off because it’s the only way we can regain wholeness. We need to find the strength to explore what we have labeled us the Unknown – most especially, the taboos and the horrors that we live with.

Doing so enables us to feel the depths of our shadows and the many ways by which they manifest. Through our capacity to feel deeply we understand that underneath these seemingly deviant phenomena are very human issues that all of us share. They’re all rooted in some feelings of isolation, lack and powerlessness.

What enables us to integrate our shadows is not spite or condemnation but something stronger – love, that deep desire for wholeness that we are born with. We need to look at what we don’t like to see and feel what we don’t like to feel. We need to own, especially, the things that we feel strongly against. We have to see ourselves in others, especially the ones we hate or are indifferent with. That politician, that terrorist, that rapist, that bully, that homeless guy, that is us – they are all in us, and we are all in them. We give birth to each other.

Shadow work is not optional. It’s the only way we can take our power back. Fear and powerlessness cannot exist where awareness and love are. Likewise, we are, in essence, One – hence, we are destined to recreate this sense of Oneness in our reality that is teeming with duality. This is how we unlock and consciously shape our destiny.

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