Hold things lightly, stay porous

Someone asked me today how I manage to read Tarot for/coach up to four or more clients per day (which has been a challenge for her).

It doesn’t always happen, but what usually works for me is coming into a session with no agenda other than to be the clearest channel that I could possibly be. I don’t intend to help or comfort anybody, I don’t intend to be anybody’s friend. My goal is to simply be a reflection.

I trust that all the forces that has made our interaction possible will guide me into saying what needs to be said. I know that I’m not doing it all on my own. Likewise, I trust that each client will receive whatever it is they need to receive from our shared moment. It is a co-creation, after all. If a client intends to find a friend in me, I will be that friend. If a client needs straightforward answers, that’s what they’ll get from me.

What weighs us down is out attachment to outcomes and certain kinds of experiences.

We come into the party with all our baggage – definitions, judgments, fears. We’re already so full with our own stuff that we don’t have the space to receive anything else. When we are co-creating with others, when we’re working with a client, for instance, we have to clear the clutter in our energy as much as we can. We must hold things lightly, we have to stay porous so that energies can just come and go. By doing so nothing gets stuck. We don’t feel heavy.

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