Creation and Uncreation of Worlds Inside and Out

The contradictions inside us are a reflection of the contradictions in the collective. We are not dealing with them in isolation. Our feelings of lack and separation are not an anomaly – they are the norm because we personally experience them.

Expanding consciousness is both within and without, it requires an exploration of the self through the other. We need to give birth to a new world if we are to give birth to a new us. We cannot evolve on our own.

What we are called upon is to actively witness the clashing of the aspects that shape us – to stay open, to go far and wide, to go deeper, to participate in honest and just dialogues. On one hand, we need to hold things lightly in order to allow all points of view to wash over us. This keeps us from being blindsided. It enables us to make conscious shifts when needed. On the other hand, knowing something deeply requires us to commit. At some point we need to make a stand and dedicate ourselves towards our truths until we give birth to a new paradigm.

Here are some of the things we can do to deal with contradictions:

– Consciously place our attention on how we’re feeling and what we’re dealing with. Give it a name. Describe it for ourselves. Understand it on a personal level.

– Expand our personal experience to include others. In what ways are these feelings and issues experienced by the collective?

– Educate ourselves further by learning more about these issues. Read, watch and listen to relevant content. Follow trusted thinkers, leaders and groups that speak about them. Seek out individuals who are interested in sharing their personal experience. Sharpen our discernment.

– Explore what we can do in shaping the nature of these issues both on the personal and the collective level. What new habits can we incorporate in our daily lives to deal with them? What do we need more of? What do we need to let go of? What are the causes that we can support? How can we amplify the message by speaking up, too?

The goal is not to eradicate contradictions completely. Nirvana is not a state of emptiness. Transformation is only possible when the light and the dark, the new and the old coalesce. What we are asked to do is to be both a conscious witness and an active participant in the uncreation and creation of worlds inside and out.

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