Dream Analysis: We Are in This Crappy Bus Together

My Dream:

I am in a queue to ride a bus going back to the city, somewhere rural in the Philippines (where I am from). The bus has three levels. The usher directs me to the mid-level and asks me to pick a seat. There are only four seats left. I want to sit at the back but because the pathway is too narrow and we are already cramped up, I choose to sit at the nearest spot in front instead, just behind the driver. I am hesitant to sit here because I might fall – the bus is fully open on the right side. It only has a wall on the left. The bus is rusty and old – it’s basically a huge chunk of crap. I’m aware that rural bus drivers and their crew are also not trained to drive for the comfort and safety of their passengers. All they care about is to meet their timeline and take their pay home. I’m pretty scared for my life right now. The bus starts to move.

My Analysis:


Adversities happen. Our survival is in our hands. In times like these, some of us will live and thrive, some of us will die – some will merely survive. We are not devastated because a crisis hits us, we are devastated because our foundations are not strong enough to hold us together.

Difficult times show us what we are made of. It forces us to reflect on where we have been spending or have not been spending our resources on. Have we invested wisely? Can our investments support us during times of crisis?

Have we been cultivating ways of living that nourish us, that makes us more resilient? Have we been interacting with ourselves, with each other, with our environment in ways that create harmony? Have we been engineering systems that evolve with us, that can cater to our changing needs? Have we been placing people in seats of power who are truly invested in the well-being of all? Have we been shaping our world in the name of life or something else?

Or have we been squandering the resources we’re given?

We are in this crappy bus together because this is all we have. Since it’s crappy, there’s a fifty-fifty chance for each of us. Some of us will survive and arrive at their destination, while the rest won’t make it. Survival isn’t a fair game, though. Some of us are already doomed to perish with what little resources they have. Death is the high price we pay for our negligence.

For some of us, isolation is an alien thing. However, there is a large majority of the population who lives and breathes isolation. As some of us thrive in the wealth of the world, the rest of us suffers – the poor, the social outcasts, the minority groups, entire communities, generations, and nations. The majority of us have been in crisis a long, long time ago, and this continues to be their daily reality. They live day-by-day. Having a future to look forward to is a luxury.

We are asked these questions:

  • Are you building a strong foundation for yourself and your loved ones?
  • Are you investing your resources on things that are empowering for yourself and others?
  • Are your connections superficial or do they run deep? Do you truly feel connected to all that is?
  • Are you participating in building a world that caters to the well-being of all?
  • Are there truths you’ve been avoiding that if addressed can aid you in recreating your life and the world?

It’s time to get our truths on the table, and consider greater possibilities – or else, all of this will just be in vain.

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