Our capacity for Fulfillment lies in our ability to Regroup



The ability to reset oneself is a valuable skill to develop because it’s the only way we can create something new. We don’t realize how much we are holding on to the past to the point that almost all our choices are merely reactions to events that have already happened. Most of the time we are just reenacting emotions which only lead to the repetition of outcomes.

Just like a muscle, we should explore practices that will help us develop this skill. Identifying what our “baseline energy” or what Penney Peirce calls, “home frequency” helps. If we know what is ours, we’ll know better what isn’t. If we know who we are, we’ll have a better chance of knowing when we’re not being ourselves and how we can go back home to us. This includes staying present and paying attention to who we are becoming. What might have served us yesterday may not be what we need today. We are always in flow.

We can use this skill as often as we need to – the more frequent, the better. As soon as we wake up, before we go to sleep, before and after a conversation, before and after making a life-changing choice, every five minutes, every hour, every quarter, every year.

If we don’t do this regularly, the past will linger on us longer. It will keep casting a shadow on our lives. Hence, our capacity for fulfillment lies in our ability to regroup. No type of closure or radical ways of moving on can usher us forward if we are not able to energetically empty ourselves out of the old and allow renewal to take place.

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