Lack of Self-Trust

Lack of self-trust is also a part of our life path – it’s a part of our journey in realizing our full self. Don’t dismiss it simply as a distraction. Nothing is a waste in Creation.

Awareness to our own lack of self-trust ushers us to keep seeking, to ask questions, to learn more, to develop our skills, to stay open.

Lack of self-trust is really a firefly in a box – fluttering around us. We may be annoyed by its seemingly uninvited presence, but what it truly is is an offering – an offering of light, of more light.

If we pay attention to it, if we follow it through with the intention of developing more trust it will lead us towards new discoveries and greater possibilities. It will unlock aspects of us in the shadows, it will aid us in healing. It will open up new doors for us, internally and externally. It will lead us to our teachers – in the form of experiences, insights and beings. It will propel us forward. It will open us to more fun and magic.

Lack of self-trust is not a weakness or an impediment to our growth – it is an invitation to become more.

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