The Unknown

How do we become more? How do we unlock aspects of ourselves?

We move not towards the Known, but towards the Unknown. The familiar path doesn’t have much to offer. Our treasures are in the places we haven’t yet explored.











Two things happen when one is faced with the Unknown:

1. You are drawn to it.
2. You fear it.

The “Unknown” is You.

You are drawn to it because your soul longs to be whole. All that is in the Unknown are parts of you that you have disowned, forgotten or have yet to become.

What you are longing for is Wholeness – to receive all that you are. To be blessed by who you are. To bless the world with who you are.

This is your contribution. This is the difference the world needs.

What’s real is that your soul is calling you in communion. Fear is a distraction or an invitation. You may stay far away from the Unknown, you may shut the door into it and believe that you have thrown away the key, you may keep others from going through it.

Or you can train your mind to get more familiar with it, you can feed it with more “unknowns” each day, you can take focused and gentle steps as you go through it.

Going into the Unknown is a choice and a way of life.

Nonetheless, the Unknown stays. It never goes away. It will keep calling you back to it in different ways – as an inspiration, an opportunity, a lifestyle, a place, a passion, a person.

You don’t need to figure it out before you move further since it’s what journeys are all about – discoveries and transformations. All you need is an open heart. Your inner guide will lead the way.

Take your next step today.

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