I. Dreams as a Source of Wisdom

Dreaming is a resource that is available for all of us to tap into our infinite self, that self that is not limited by our human form and individual consciousness.

In dreams, we become non-physical, we become one with All That Is. We are able to tap more into the energy and the consciousness “outside” of us. Most of us are not able to use this ability during waking life, although it is possible. We are not usually able to take ourselves into different levels of consciousness or brainwave levels if we choose to, unless we are aware that we are actually able to and we hone our abilities through meditative practices, among others.

Dreams are like role play. We are meant to participate in them. We occupy certain roles so we can get access to energies and consciousness outside our individual point of view. In dreams we get to be our inner child, our future self, our lover, an animal, a place, Source – or practically anything and anybody that is relevant to us. We may still appear as ourselves in dreams but the roles we play, what we say, feel and do are interchangeable with other “participants”. We usually play another being’s role in our dreams so we can get to be in their shoes. There is high value in being able to tap into energies and consciousness beyond us as individuals. This is how we gain access to truth and wisdom.

II. Dreamwork is for Everyone

I recommend dreamwork especially for those who are not drawn to meditation because you’re gonna sleep anyway, you are gonna dream, anyway. At least you know what happens and how it goes. You have almost no resistance to dreaming because you don’t have to do anything to do it – and everybody does it. You take it as it is.

I also recommend it if you’re someone who’s not able to tap into emotions easily or deeply, yours and other people’s or if you regard yourself as more rational than emotional/intuitive. Dreaming is a good way to tap into your other faculties, to exercise those dormant muscles.

Overall, dreamwork is for everyone. It’s our direct line to both our higher self (a version of us with a more expansive perspective because it’s not limited by physical senses) and the collective at large.

III. Dream Symbolism and Interpretation

Spirit and our higher self are more able to get through us in dreams, when we are more open to receive. They are coming up with creative ways on how to utilize the symbols we already have in our subconscious because some of our dreams are meant to get our attention, to be understood by us. If we are not familiar with the symbols used we won’t remember them or receive the guidance they carry.

Dreams are such rich sources of information. They provide us not just with knowledge but with a full experience. In dreams we are able to utilize all our senses. We “download” information through sights, sounds, smells, feelings throughout our body, as well as through our thoughts, and most importantly through our emotions.

If we take the time to note down and interpret our dreams we will open ourselves up to an entire library. Each detail in a dream means something for the dreamer – what’s in it and why it is there.

Symbols are both personal and collective. When you’re just getting started you might receive symbols that are more collective. You might feel guided to look online for common interpretations. As you go deeper into dreamwork, you will become more trusting of yourself, and your symbols will become more personal. You will be guided to rely on your own interpretations. As you do it more often you will also become more familiar with your own flow. You will come up with your own strategies on how to be more open in receiving guidance, as well as your own ways of dissecting and interpreting them that will be of great use to you in your daily life.

IV. Personal Tips

Open yourself to what dreamwork can offer you, but don’t take it seriously. Don’t make it a chore or a goal. Attitude is everything. If you try to make it happen or “nail it down” the more that you will have a hard time doing it. Dreamwork requires us to be more allowing. It’s also the point. It teaches how to drop the struggle that we’re so used to in our waking lives, it teaches us how to receive more.

Start where you are. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. Do what feels natural to you. I started getting on with it because of a particular dream that left a lasting impact on me. You don’t have to go through something similar. You may simply get the inspiration to buy a dream journal and start noting down your dreams.

Having a bedtime ritual helps. Take a shower, light a candle, journal, read an inspiring book, meditate, pray. Do something that relaxes you as you get ready to sleep. This will make you more conducive for waking up in another state of consciousness. It’s as if you’re preparing for a journey – how you prepare for it can influence where you’re gonna go and how the experience can feel like for you. It’s also like saying, “I am getting ready to go to someplace special. I am looking forward to it.”

Ask to receive guidance. You may say something simple like, “I ask for your guidance tonight. Help me to be more receptive. So it is. Thank you.” Asking is not really for Spirit or your higher self, since they are always communicating with you day and night, no matter which state of consciousness you’re in. The practice of asking is for you – it opens up your awareness by setting the expectation that you are about to receive something. It also sets your focus. It’s like telling yourself, “I will get something out of my dream tonight and I will remember and understand it.”

Don’t stress on what you can’t remember. Whatever leaves an impression on you, that’s the guidance you’re meant to receive. Focus on that. Forget about the blurry rest.

Write what you can remember as soon as you can. As soon as you start waking up (even if your eyes still hurt!), go ahead and pick up your notebook and pen. I recommend handwriting them down because it will feel more natural to you, you will access more information. Write them down and don’t stop until you get those “ahas!”. You probably won’t get just one “aha”, so don’t stop too soon.

I hope this helps! I will write a follow-up post soon about dream interpretation.

Happy dreaming! 🙂

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