You Are Overflowing

Our individual lives are like a 3D hologram. We project what we need and want to experience as a soul, a light branch of Source. The images are for us to see, the emotions are for us to feel, the conversations are for us to play out – backtrack, fast forward. Our rhythm is for us to explore, or if need be, to repeat. We are to scan faces and map our own hearts. We are to flow, reverberate from the walls of our projected world.

Our individual worlds coincide, inevitably.

When you overflow, somebody else is there raising their cup to receive. When you’re wanting, somebody else is already pouring onto your cup.

Stop obsessing on how valuable you are for the collective world. Don’t focus on what’s “out there”, on how you can give, on what you can offer. Focus on the world you’re creating. Savor each moment fully. Soon enough you will overflow. You’re already overflowing.

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