Intuitive Collective Reading: Let go of the Known, Come into the Unknown

Today, I was inspired to do an intuitive reading for the collective in light of the pandemic we are going through. I have also incorporated specific messages for the individual, questions that can guide us on own reflection.

  1. What is happening right now

We are being drawn back to the present. We are being reminded that the present is the only thing that is “real”. Nothing is outside of the present. We have once experienced the past in the present and we will be experiencing the future in the present. We are asked to pay attention to what is in the here and now. We are being asked to pay attention to our bodies, to our thoughts, to our emotions – to what is front of us, to what is going on around us.

We are being asked to remember that our power lies in the present. That everything flows from the present.

To the individual: You are being asked to go back home to yourself. To take a break, quiet your usual mind chatter and allow your heart to open up again. You are being asked to take your next steps in accordance to the flow of your heart.

  1. What we’re not seeing about the situation

We are given the opportunity to wipe the slate clean. To regroup. To forget what we thought we wanted. To go back to the drawing board. To start again. If we continue along the path we are on we will blow ourselves up. Something promising can be born if we choose the new.

To the individual: It’s time to ask yourself, what do you want? What do you TRULY want? What matters to you? What is true for you?

  1. Opportunities in the situation

The opportunity to break free. To release the old. To release what’s heavy. It doesn’t matter if it has worked before, if we have been holding on to it for such a long time. Everything has a life span. If it no longer serves us, it must go.

To the individual: It’s time to ask yourself, what are you holding on to that is holding you back? Be true to yourself. Choose yourself.

  1. What we need to release

The old path, our old ways. We have manifested a totally new path for us. We’re already facing its direction. All we have to do is proceed. The signs will guide us as me move along.

To the individual: Where are you being called to journey to? What is pulling your heartstrings?

  1. What is asked of us

To go the edge. To face our fear of the unknown. To follow the calling from the depths of our collective heart. We may not know the specifics, but we know we’re being led to healing, to something more fulfilling.

To the individual, from Source:

It could be scary to let go of what you know. But that’s exactly what I’m asking from you. Follow the calling of your heart.

Let go of the Known. Come with me into the Unknown.

“Crack me open. Empty my cup. Purify my heart out so I may have the space for my soul to come out, to come through – to occupy my world completely.

I want a new start. Shine a light on my path so brightly I cannot ignore it.

So it is.”

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