Bring Out the Gems in You

I had a strange pain in my solar plexus when I woke up this morning. Soon afterwards, as I sat on my bedside couch (my “spaciousness couch”) I was drawn to do a crystal meditation using Titanium Aura Quartz. As soon as I held the crystal and closed my eyes, Archangel Haniel appeared to me.

She appeared to me as a bright light with an aura of a rainbow (like the crystal I was using), with a pure white smoke coming out from her “center”.

“You are dowsing me.” I said. I was familiar with that word but I was not unsure what it actually meant, yet I knew that’s what she was doing. At first I thought she was cleansing my energy through smoke. Turns out, dowsing is used to find something hidden like a gem or an insight, something that can’t be perceived by our physical senses. She was bringing out gems from inside me.

I started feeling the usual shaking I feel when I’m meditating or when I’m into some kind of energy healing work. I usually feel it in my chest area, my heart chakra. As the shaking got more intense, I started visualizing blue butterflies popping out of my chest. They would just appear one-by-one together with the shaking. Some of them would grow bigger. Then they would fly. I also visualized my solar plexus grow into a “magnetic ball”. The pain was gone.

More butterflies popped out and fluttered away, until the shaking stopped. Right then I knew that the butterflies were energies of positivity.

Archangel Haniel was teaching me that I actually have the capacity to “bring out the gems in me” by cleansing my energy, raising my vibration and summoning them out through my intentions.

Afterwards, I saw myself emitting rainbow lights from my heart. To where they go to, I don’t know, but surely, to where they’re called to.

That was, indeed, a beautiful experience. It’s something that I can do – that any of us can do – again and again. Everything comes from and goes back to energy. Let’s not underestimate how much of a contribution our energy can be. Let’s not discount the difference it makes.

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