Bubbles Meditation


I woke up today feeling like I haven’t felt in a long while – like my mind was vacuumed out, like I’ve forgotten a lot of crap! Before I went back into my habitual thinking and all that I do that keeps me from staying clear-headed, I asked,

“How could I prolong this feeling? How could I extend this spaciousness throughout the day?”

This idea came up. It’s very quick, easy, and silly – that’s why it works! I hope it helps you as well. 🙂

You may do this lying or sitting down. You don’t have to close your eyes. I particularly prefer doing this with my eyes open.

1. Allow your awareness to sink into your physical body like lukewarm water (I personally prefer that it’s rainbow-colored milk! You may choose the texture and add color to it based on how your energy feels and looks like to you).

2. Follow the energy into the parts or chakra points that your awareness is naturally flowing onto. Feel certain layers of energy rising up from each area. It may start with your crown, or with your third eye, or with your heart.

3. Visualize the energy rising and forming a bubble. Allow each bubble to be how big it wants to be. Allow it to form, rise and pop.

Some bubbles will be huge and heavy, they won’t even float. Others could be bigger than you or your entire house and they will float just fine. Some smaller bubbles could come out from the same area multiple times until it’s over.

4. You are the observer. All you have to do is lie or sit still and watch as the bubbles rise and pop. Just allow the process to unfold and run its course. You will know when it’s over.

Doing this in the morning will prepare your mind to see energies as temporary, each thought or emotion can simply be like a bubble. If the mind doesn’t attach itself to it, they can simply rise up, float for a while, then pop. All the crap will be released. Only inspiration and truth will remain.

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