No Right or Wrong Way to Feel and Express


We process energy in different ways. We have our own ways of picking up vibrations, feeling our emotions and transmuting them. Maybe some approaches are not smart because they don’t help us achieve the outcomes we desire and they only make situations worse, but certainly, there is no right or wrong way to feel and express ourselves.

How we feel and express are based on who we are, our environment and where we are in our personal evolution.

Some of us may need to verbally vent out, while others may prefer to go through their emotions in silence. Some of us may need physical release, while others may benefit more from creative expression.

Judging ourselves and each other only creates walls. During times of difficulty, the best we can do is to hold a space for everyone to process energy in their own ways – to be there for each other. Compassion, and not, condemnation is what will get us through.


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