We can only be truly close with someone else, once we’re able to let go and simply “be” ourselves.

“Being” is not thinking, not analyzing, not planning, not evaluating. It’s neither about doing nor having. Being oneself is total surrender. It’s putting all your walls down, dissolving them back into the ether. It’s asking Spirit to take away all of your sorrows, all of your worries. It’s placing your full trust in the moment. It’s feeling safe in who you are – knowing you’re just fine and you are taken care of.

It’s feeling the joy of who you are to the point that you don’t have space for who you are not.

Unless we’re able to “be” ourselves we will always be on the lookout, like an animal in the wild. At the back of our minds, we worry about getting lost and getting hurt, so we stay vigilant. We’ll always be somehow on our toes, somehow guarded, always ready to fly or fight. The thing is, “being ourselves” is our natural state, we just need to unlearn all the lies we have been sold as we were growing up. It can be a lifetime journey, but it can also happen in an instant.

– An insight I’ve learned from my furry baby dog, Munchkin 🙂


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