Transmuting Energy Is Not


Transmuting energy isn’t the same as “fixing” a situation or “rescuing” someone. Fixing and rescuing is about dropping our vibration. Transmuting energy is about stepping up to our power.

When we’re fixing a situation, we are aligning with the “wrongness” of it. We don’t see how it’s getting sorted out – how things always work out. Likewise, when we’re rescuing someone, we are tuning in with what’s “wrong” with them, instead of what’s “right”. Hence, we feel the need to be controlling. We are focusing on the illusion of powerlessness instead of the abundance of power that exists in each of us, in all that is. When we’re focused on fixing and rescuing – we are also tapping into our inadequacy instead of our wholeness. If things are always working out, if there is a force that binds us all, that makes things flow naturally – would we still feel the need to take everything upon our shoulders?

Our presence alone can purify energies, as long as we remain in our flow.  It doesn’t have to be difficult, taking inspired action is effortless – none of us need to “sacrifice”. By tuning into our own power, we are tuning into the collective power.

We can’t fix what’s not broken or what already wants to transform, anyway.

We can’t rescue others because nobody needs rescuing, anyway. We are where we are because it’s where we need to be.


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