Putting My Search to Rest


I’ve always been looking for a “tribe” – a group of people who were “just like me”. I’ve found tribes of all sorts based on what my needs and priorities were in each phase of my life. However, just like with any relationship or situation my path ushered me to change directions many times. I’ve outgrown each group I’ve initially claimed to be my tribe as I progressed along my path.

My path has taken me again and again back to myself. I was made to realize that behind my quest for a tribe was my desire to fit in because I didn’t feel “complete enough” or “good enough” for myself, as an individual. I was always looking for someone to put a stamp on my worth, on my place in the world, on my beliefs and desires. On one hand, this approach has provided me with the kind of support I needed each time. On the other hand, it has also created limitations. It held me back from exploring opportunities and connections that were “not in alignment” with me. They could have enriched my life in surprising ways if I had only been more allowing. After all that search, it finally dawned on me that I am enough. I am on my own unique path. Each of us is.

I have a direct line to the Divine through my own inner knowing. I am and will always be connected to All That Is. I don’t need to agree on any ideology, I don’t need to be a part of any social group, I don’t need to define or explain myself, I don’t need to be anyone in particular. I can move along, I can transform as I naturally would.

I can allow others to do and be the same as well.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t need anybody. It doesn’t mean I will stop co-creating nourishing relationships. It only means that I can put my search to rest, I can stop outsourcing my power to somebody else, knowing I am home – knowing I have always belonged. I can finally step out and show up – I can finally open my door to the rest of the world.

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