Love Comes in Various Packages


Love is an offering to perceive our wholeness, to become our greatness.

This happens all the time as we interact with objects, places, and various beings in our world. Sometimes there are no words exchanged, moments are fleeting, sometimes it takes up our entire lives. Sometimes feelings are more felt, sometimes they’re confusing. Sometimes interactions are tender, sometimes harsh. Sometimes we are aware of it instantly, sometimes it takes us a long while, sometimes we’re not able to connect the dots at all. Somehow, somewhere inside us knows we’ve awakened more, we’ve become more through a particular interaction. Something/some things shifted and we’re never the same person.

Sometimes we accept love easily, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it’s because we don’t trust it or we don’t recognize it as love, as a supportive force.

We are ultimately driven by the collective intention to expand, even if it may not be apparent to our individual selves. Deep within we are asking to come face-to-face with who we are and to become more. Hence, we make certain interactions and experiences happen. It’s not always easy to be shaken, but when we feel like the old parts of us are crumbling down to reveal a lighter, more expansive self – we must take another look, we must not be so easy to pull our guard up. This could be the answer to what we’ve asked for. This could be love being offered to us. It just might not have come in the package we were expecting it would.

Audio version:

Music by Ketsa – Launch

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