Drop the Polarity


Drop the need to find the rightness in yourself and in the situation you’re in.

On one hand, looking for what’s right helps get us out of a downward spiral. It can quickly snap us out of negative thinking. It can usher us towards stillness and contemplation. It can help us receive clarity, support, and peace. On the other hand, this is actually unnecessary. We may also simply drop the polarity of right and wrong altogether. We may simply “just be”. We may simply allow wholeness in.

What if each experience we go through is just a part of our own flow? What if each thing that we do is just an inspiration?

What if we, the individual self we perceive, is just a part of the collective flow? What if we are just waves in an immeasurable sea? A spark of light in a galaxy?

Right and wrong are labels created by the logical mind. While they create a sense of order in some aspects of our reality, they inevitably create boundaries as well. They limit our perception of wisdom and possibilities, they limit our abilities to express ourselves, they limit expansion. They limit our joy.

Life is not about maintaining the status quo. It is about the allowance of what wants to grow. Drop the polarity. Drop the struggle. Get out of the box. Flow.


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