Love is Love is Love


Love is love is love. Abundance is abundance is abundance. A cookie offered to you by a child is no less valuable than a house and a lot bought for you by your spouse. The value we give situations, objects, even people in our world are not intrinsic to their nature.

In the higher realms, all things come from and dissolve back into energy.

All things are equal.

The magnitude of our manifestations is only measured in the physical world. In the non-physical realms, there is no such thing as “small” or “big”, as “possible” or “impossible”. All things are manifested in the same manner.

If we sincerely desire to merge with a certain vibration – like love or abundance – we must learn to recognize it in all things internal and external to us, not just in the forms we prefer. Otherwise, we will let its gifts pass us by.

Audio version:

Music by Ketsa – Multiverse


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