Abundance is Embodying the Fullness of You


Abundance isn’t about money, material wealth, stability or comfort. A person can manifest all of these and remain poor.

Abundance is about making the choice to show up. It’s about embodying the fullness of you. It’s about becoming the overflowing cup of love for yourself and for the world.

At the same time, abundance is about allowing yourself to receive the fullness of who you are. It means allowing anything and everything that is you to show up in your life with no judgment. It means allowing yourself to “be”, unconditionally.

Abundance is the state of not needing anything, but being everything that you desire and choose to be.

Abundance is not about focusing on the wrongness or absence in you but harnessing the rightness and the fullness of you.

It’s about zooming into what you have the power to do and be in each moment.

Whenever an opportunity to offer shows up, seize it – that’s allowing yourself to be an overflowing cup of love. Hold off your judgments.

Whenever you’re faced with a challenge, choose to focus on the solution and the opportunity the situation presents – that’s allowing yourself to be in the vibration of abundance. When you embody abundance you will wonder, how could you have problems when you have all the answers? How could you be stuck when you hold the power to all the breakthroughs you’ll ever need?

When you desire something – allow yourself to indulge in the full experience of desiring. Allow your desires to move you to make the choices that would actualize them in the physical.

When you’re pulled to step up and become more of you, open your heart to it. Choose courage. Do what it takes to fulfill your potential. Choose to see yourself in the way the Divine sees you – lush and glorious. Unlock the capacities you haven’t tapped into yet. Unlock greater possibilities. Unlock futures that weren’t possible before without your contribution.

If abundance is what you desire – you gotta have what it takes to fully show up. You have to cast your judgments aside about what that means.

*In line with this topic, I highly recommend that you watch the South Korean film, “Parasite


Audio version:

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