Hold Yourself and Another Like You Mean it


When we feel truly held, we are able to let go.

I’ve learned this lesson from one of the energy healing sessions I’ve participated in (Access Bars). My partner held my feet like she meant it  – and in an instant, I felt my body and my entire being let go. I calmed down. I surrendered.

Up until that point I wasn’t aware of what being held truly felt like. I was non-committal, for the most part, in all aspects of my life, may it be in relationships, career, finances or personal growth/spirituality. I also attracted people who couldn’t commit fully to me and situations that lacked stability. I was wandering.

I haven’t experienced having someone hold me to the point that I can release my fears, my shame, my guilt, my regrets and everything that pulled me back. I couldn’t trust myself enough, too, to the point that I can follow my guidance wholeheartedly because I never really had my own back. I was always judging myself. My faith in the Divine was vacillating as well. If I couldn’t trust what was physical, how could I trust the non-physical?

Being truly held means being loved unconditionally. It gives us the power to choose courage, to choose what’s true for us in each moment.

It takes only one experience of being held to plant a seed of trust that could grow if one chooses to. Another person has done it for me. I could do/could’ve also done it for someone else. We can all do it for ourselves.

Hold yourself like you mean it. Own your body like it’s your whole world. Own your consciousness like it’s your life force. See how your life transforms.

Hold another like you mean it. Show up fully. See how it cracks them open. See how they bloom.

Audio version:

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