The Path to Light


All paths lead to light. Our journey is all about cracking ourselves open – to know love, to love more, to wake up to our true nature as love and light.

That’s what we are, we are all made of light. We are light in physical form. Our individual purpose is to ignite the light in another, to gift them with the opportunity to choose to embody it – and to become more.

When we feel like putting walls up, shutting our hearts off or drawing lines to divide and separate ourselves from others, these are actually opportunities we are creating for ourselves to lean more into love – to choose courage, to choose openness. It feels tough because we are shedding our darkness, the heaviness that contains us.

Going through this path requires that we choose to get out of dysfunctional patterns that keep us stuck in a loop. Hence, we’d have to let go of attachments, beliefs, lifestyle choices, and habits if we are to embody more light – if we are to feel lighter.

This is what the path is all about, but it’s not gonna unfold on its own, we must choose it. Choosing it once is not the point, we must choose it over and over again. We must surrender to it and do the work. This path requires our commitment.

Audio version:

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