Making Our Own Choices


The most compassionate thing someone/a group of people has taught me is that I can make a choice for myself and that I don’t have to stick to my choices if I don’t like what shows up, that I can choose something new again. There is no need to judge or get hung up on anything.

Almost everywhere people and institutions would tell us to do this, to do that, to subscribe to this belief or that belief otherwise there is something wrong with us or something bad will happen to us and our loved ones. Almost nobody tells us that we actually have the power and the right to make our own choices.

Nothing is more compassionate than not judging oneself and others.

I wonder what’s possible if we are all able to hold that space. I wonder what kind of reality we can create with that state of being.

→ Feel free to visit the Access Consciousness  website to learn more (this is not a sponsored post).


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