Appreciating Meditation


Meditation doesn’t have to be of any type. It doesn’t also have to be of a certain duration. Longer meditations are not necessarily more effective than shorter ones. It simply depends on our intentions and needs.

I’m a visual person so I prefer visualization meditations. I can also easily come up with my own techniques. Who better knows what works for us than ourselves? 🙂

My hope is that for each person to have the openness to explore what’s available out there, to explore what they can come up with, and to just have fun and ease along the way.

It can be for a minute, five minutes, thirty minutes, an hour – or a few hours long. Sometimes I only need five minutes of grounding meditation and sometimes it can go up to forty-five when I’m feeling really anxious. There are times when I would have to repeat the same type of meditation for days or weeks or when I have to come up with various kinds when one type seems to not work for me. I meditate with eyes closed or open, sitting or lying down, indoors or outdoors, inside a moving vehicle, with music or without, while taking a shower, or while eating. I combine it with other tools like tarot/oracle cards, crystals, oil essences, herbs, flowers, candles, salt, among others. Sometimes I meditate while dancing, allowing my body to move with the rhythm of the energies. There are times when I feel like I’m in a continuous uninterrupted meditation as I go about my day.

In fact, all our days can be a stream of meditative experiences if we choose to.

I hope to share more of what I discover about meditation in the succeeding posts. I’m always looking forward to learning from everyone as well!


Audio version:

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