A Simple Money Spell

Spells are basically any ritual done on purpose to aid the manifestation of a desire. We do this everyday without using the term. We meditate, we pray, we “prep ourselves up”, we harness nature’s energies, we come up with ways to make something more special or let go of something old as we enter a new phase in our lives.

I’m currently working on healing my relationship with money, letting go of all my blocks in allowing it to come through my life with more ease. Here’s a simple “money spell” that I came up with which has been helpful to me, by “helpful” means I feel myself open up more to the energy of abundance, my own sense of worthiness and the true supportive nature of money.

Here are the steps:

moneyspell (1)

1. Pick a coin that symbolizes the energy you want to have in terms of money. I picked this Dirham coin that I got from my recent trip to Dubai. It has an image of a gazelle on it. I chose this because I want to embody the energy of a gazelle – graceful and in tune with the flow of life.

I want to perceive money as a form of support just like anything in nature – the air, the sun, the earth, water, vegetation, the different seasons. I want to let go of my perception that money is a struggle, that I have to struggle to create and spend money, that money is so complex.

I want to be able to move through life in a rhythm that is both unique to me and at the same time in tune with the collective. I want to be able to focus on living – and not on working to live. I want to focus on my vitality, on passion, on thriving, on contributing to this planet and beyond. I want money to be this supportive force in my life that enables me to move smoothly.

Feel free to use a different kind of trinket that resonates more with you if a coin doesn’t.

2. Pick a bill that symbolizes the energy of what money is for you. I chose this one hundred peso bill (I’m from and based in the Philippines) because I like its color. I naturally gravitate towards purple. To me, purple means “knowing” – it’s in alignment with my unique soul energy. I want to receive and give money in a way that’s only authentic to me. Mainly, I want it to support me in living my life purpose.

You can also try writing yourself a cheque with the amount of money you desire to create. 🙂

3. Pick a crystal that helps you get grounded. I chose this Congo Citrine crystal because it helps me get in tune with the earth, with Lady Gaia. Holding it, seeing it aids me in pulling the abundant, supportive energies of the planet.

You may also choose anything that connects you to the earth’s abundant energy. It could be a fruit, a flower, a leaf, a piece of clothing or jewelry, among others.

4. Allow yourself to surrender. Out loud or in silence, express your intentions. State your desires. Surrender your worries, fears and all beliefs/emotions that are keeping you from opening to money. Ask help from the angels, your spirit guides, God, the Universe, Gaia and all supportive energies that you are in tune with.

I also prefer to do this entire ritual with a candle on. It helps me “get myself into the mood” more. 

I hope this helps!

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