Want What You Want


Most of us are not allowing ourselves to want what we want. We want one thing and come up with a multitude of reasons why it’s not possible or not good for us. We sometimes even cut the experience of wanting, brush it off and move on to more “realistic” things. We make ourselves feel wrong.

This habit only lowers our energy. It hurts us, it makes us sad, it makes us feel small – as a consequence, our world of possibilities also contract.

Judging our desires only blocks us. Judging our emotions blocks us. Every time we judge ourselves, we’re like throwing an energetic bomb inside us. We scatter our energy. We don’t feel whole, hence, we can’t harness our full capacity to create what we want. We move forward and hold ourselves back so we end up feeling stuck.

What enables us to truly move forward is wanting what we want. This is how we harness the power of our desires and our boundless capacity to create.

What I have learned to do is to make the choice to want what I want for a certain period of time, let’s say, for an entire day. If I’m wanting to be with a certain person, I allow myself to want this person for an entire day. I focus on the wanting and all the emotions that come up. I indulge myself until it feels so good. I embody my wanting. I own my wanting. I enjoy my emotions. I do not think about the “reality” of the situation or whether this person likes me, too, or whether I’m seeing who he really is, or whatever the outcome might be.

Doing this has more potency of moving us forward in wherever direction is best for us, rather than, judging ourselves and forcing ourselves to “just move on” because what we want is impossible or may not be good for us. Our desires are not right or wrong. With our awareness, if we allow them to, they have the power to lead us to what truly matches us, regardless if it’s towards what we have in mind or something better.


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