Stay in the Discomfort


Many of us have a habit of lowering our standards due to the lack of trust for ourselves and Source to collaborate in manifesting our truest desires. We would usually hustle until we get the outcome that we wanted we’ve settled for. We would commit ourselves to the next so-so idea, career, relationship, etc.

What people like us need to learn is to “stay in the discomfort” as we manifest our desires.

As long as we know that we are doing our part, we should hold the space for Source to meet us halfway, to deliver us what we want and so much more. We should learn how to hold our horses when we find our feet itching to jump on the next ship even if we know it’s not our ship.

This is how we move away from mediocrity and move towards a life of mind-blowing, soul-nourishing fulfillment.


Audio version:

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