Awareness Will Set You Free


Truth will not set you free – if you perceive it as something external to you, if you expect that another person or a higher being will hand it over to you in a neat package. Truth is never just one thing, anyway. It has many layers and dimensions. It’s impossible to contain it.

Awareness is what will set you free.

What is the difference between truth and awareness? You.

You, as the infinite being who can perceive the complexities and fullness of reality, of any situation. You, who can go beyond the conditioning of your mind and body. You, who can go beyond what is said and done, what is in the physical. You, who can shift points of view. You, who can perceive beyond the confines of space and time.

You, who have the sole capacity to interpret what something means to you based on where you are. You, who have the power to make a choice based on what you think is true and good for you.




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