Love is Light

Love is not about stooping so low to fit the status quo, Love is about lifting yourself so high that you are able to inspire others to lift themselves up, too.

What chains us to unhealthy relationships are beliefs of fear, lack, and unworthiness. We don’t believe we are enough. We don’t believe we have the power to fulfill our needs and desires. We don’t trust ourselves enough. We are highly dependent on our external environment for guidance and validation. We don’t believe that the Source will meet us halfway, that we are seen and supported.

In the long run, nobody benefits from staying in the shadows, even if it’s comforting.

We are not helping each other by condoning our past hurts and dysfunctional patterns. On the other hand, all of us benefit even from one person standing up and choosing a new direction, choosing to come towards the light.

Love is having the courage to embody one’s own light.



Audio version:

Music by Ketsa – Reflective


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