Follow Through


We cannot fully move on from a situation until we’ve integrated all the goodness that came because of it.

Each situation has something valuable to offer. We won’t be able to receive it if we are holding on to how things didn’t go according to our liking. If we see the outcome only as a mistake, a missed opportunity or a tragedy we’ll remain stuck in the past.

Our limited point of view of the past usually takes over the choices we make in the future. This is how we end up creating similar situations as if we’re in a loop.

To move on we must come full circle. Every interaction is an energy exchange – we always influence our experience. We must see the bigger picture, including the role we played in it. There is a need to go beyond the “victim mentality” to understand how a situation truly unfolded. This is how we take our power back, by knowing what we have done and what we are capable of doing as co-creators of our reality. This is also how we learn to trust other people again, by understanding where they are coming from and the limitations in their position.

A balanced perspective is needed. We must see where we might have failed and where we have succeeded. With our awareness, we must be able to sort through the pile of negativity, to find the treasures that we can take with us as we proceed with our path.

If you haven’t arrived in that place yet, if you’re still full of resentment and regret towards the past, don’t force yourself to jump into the future.

Follow your emotions through until you reach your own conclusions, until you find clarity, until you’ve reaped your rewards.

This is how you’ll know you’re ready for a new beginning.


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*This is my 500th post – yey!

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