Setting Personal Boundaries


Setting personal boundaries doesn’t come from fears of being vulnerable or a sense of mistrust. It’s not about putting walls up.

We set personal boundaries to ground ourselves in our own power, to nurture ourselves better, to appreciate who we are becoming.

Knowing what is ours and what isn’t matters for our well-being. We only have the power over ourselves, hence, it is counter-productive, and at times, totally detrimental for us to work on issues that belong to someone else. Doing this will only deplete our life force. We’re also doing others a disservice by taking what is theirs to process – we are robbing them of their own opportunity for growth.

Self-love drives us to meet our own needs. Needs being met (not only the basic ones, but all kinds of needs) results to happiness.

Happiness is the best way we can set boundaries. When we are happy, we are aligned with our higher being, we are aligned with Source. We know what is true and good for us.

When we are truly happy within ourselves, external forces are less able to influence us and manipulate us to serve their selfish interests.


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