The Courage of Intimacy


We got to have the heart to go deep within ourselves to expand our awareness and evolve. This is the only way we can uproot, heal and transmute the energies that keep us from experiencing life in all its great possibilities.

We have to risk feeling the discomfort of confronting our past, of looking closely at our present, of seeing who we are becoming if what we want is to free ourselves and move forward.

We got to have the humility to do the work of healing. It’s not gonna happen automatically, we have to choose it.

Likewise, unless we can be truly intimate with ourselves, we can never have the capacity to be intimate with another person. We won’t have what it takes to see them in their fullness, in their complexities and depth. A relationship without intimacy only revolves around projections and ego-rubbing. There’s no growth. Individuals only go around in circles, repeating the same outdated and even dysfunctional patterns. It doesn’t have a promising future for it doesn’t have a solid foundation, to begin with.


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